Monday, June 11, 2007

Ten Reasons Why I Don't Blog More Often....

I so love reading the Bloggers that post every day, and I wish I was one of them. But, as I surveyed the landscape of my life today I realized that there were at least ten very good reasons why I can't seem to get to posting even every other day. These photos not only contain graphic images but they will dispel once and for all any illusions any of you may be harboring about my homemaking skills, so look at your own risk.
They are, not in order of preventative factors:

1. Cakes and the Bean. Need I say more?

2.Little Belle. A lovely child, and so creative.

3. Skaterboy. I have had one of these on the sofa like this for more than two weeks now. Different kid, same lurgy.

4. House hunting. Searching for a house that we like and can afford down by the kids school has become quite the all- consuming task. Surprise!

5. Cat puke. Every time I turn around there is another pile of this stuff waiting for me.

6. The yard. Mowing, weeding, picking up abandoned toys and bicycles, sweeping dirt that has mysteriously blown onto the paths.

7. The play space in the living room. See 1.

8. Lovely fabrics. They call to me after the children are sleeping, and I must answer.

9. Stuff. Here is where some of it awaits its final destination, most often these days the give away bag. I have been decluttering for years and still it's the stuff that's killing me.

10. The laundry. Stacks of it, folded, unfolded, clean and dirty. And as soon as I do it all, it must be done again.

So next time you are wondering why I must take forever between my posts, just refer back here and wonder no longer.


Kate said...

I hear you! I could barely walk through the living room this morning there was so much stuff on the floor - but so much more fun to sew while they are asleep than clean it all up!

Tracy said...

Looks like my house ..only I think your's is neater.
I have 5 children and 1 on the way :) so laundry washed and piled in the lounge is a regular thing :)
I really enjoy your blog.