Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ahhh, Summer

Summer feels different now that the kids have school at either end of it. It really feels precious and delicious and to be savored - at least that's how I felt this week, our first of summer vacation.

We stayed home all week because Skaterboy was sick, but on Friday we went strawberry picking and managed to gather thirty pounds of delicious berries before noon. Who knows how much we ate there, either, just sitting on our haunches in the field lost in a reverie with juice dripping down our chins, but judging by the amount of laundry with red stains, I'd say quite a bit.
So it's been strawberries galore - on waffles, in smoothies,as gifts to friends and Grandma, and Little Belle made shortcake last night and although it took until almost ten o'clock we didn't care. It was divine. This week we'll make jam and eat strawberries all winter then too.

We stopped at the lake on our way home in a spontaneous sort of way, and the kids went into the water fully dressed. Although I was cringing a bit at the thought of getting them back in the car with no towels or spare clothes, the sun was warm, a breeze was coming up off the water, some of them were giggling as they tumbled in and out of the waves, one was humming to herself as she sifted stones through her fingers to find just the right ones to keep and another was trying to unobtrusively ogle all the girls in bikinis while keeping his cool. It was wonderful, and they rode home in their underwear. The little ones, that is.

This little lady has been visiting our deck every day for sunflower seeds and has gotten so tame that she skitters around my feet as I walk. I'm a bit afraid that she'll decide that climbing me is a quick shortcut to those yummy seeds I'm carrying, so we both dance around gamely but with a touch of nerves.

The twins were treated to a surprise tea party on the deck last week, and it even included a post-tea foot wash and aromatherapy massage. Why doesn't anyone ever do that for me I wonder?

And last but not least, Fathers Day, which involved the decorating of daddy's breakfast chair, duets of 'Happy Fathers day to You' sung to guess which tune, many cards with phrases such as 'my heart grows a rosebush', and two carefully wrapped bags of chocolate raisins. Who could ask for more?

Although my plan is to pack up a house and get it rentable this summer,as well as move to a new one, I plan to enjoy every day of this beautiful season in some small way. My little ones will start full day kindergarten in August, and my days will look really different.

There certainly won't be anyone setting up a flower stall on the sidewalk on a beautiful afternoon, will there?
These are the days.


flutter said...

Your photos are breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! it all looks like such fun! I want to come and play too :)

Love Ma

Linda said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all your entries but especially this day. I always loved having my children (now 26,24,23,21) home for school holidays. Your children are blessed to behaving such a wonderful childhood.
It's the first day of the school holidays here in Perth so I am hoping the little girl from next door will come over to "help" me :)