Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Li'l Bunnys Club

We do love our bunnies here, and whole days can revolve around them. Today the living room was upended to create clubhouses for the Lil' Bunny Club members, and maybe another club too, because I found this letter on the bed written in purple crayon in a childish hand:

Dear club Rabbits by the rocky river I love your name. I think your club is the coolest ever! hows the cleaning up going? good luck with your club members, crafts and present colecting,
from lil bunnys club.

Bunny club members need to have new outfits designed for them,

and dresses measured and sewn.

It's very serious business, bunny dressmaking. They are very finicky about details and demand a high level of professionalism. Needless to say we are all kept quite busy with their needs and wants. How do you make something this small a bathrobe?

Here is Daisy looking quite lovely in her new made to order dress. I'm sure we'll spy her gadding about with the club Rabbits by the rocky river any day now in this little beauty.

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