Thursday, October 23, 2008


What happens when you raid the give away bags in the garage? Oh, the loveliest games...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Days of Summer - Learning to Ride

With the help of a very patient big brother and sister and a watchful, if somewhat wary dog, the twins tackled riding without training wheels this summer.
Cakes got it pretty fast but the Bean, who is so quick with numbers and logic, seems to have the nutty professor in there somewhere because while riding she would space and start to look around. "Pedal!" we'd all be yelling but she wouldn't remember what she ought to be engaged in until the bike was wobbling to a halt, or worse.

So the Bean has still got her training wheels, with me trotting alongside for security, but Cakes flies off down the towpath now on her slightly too small bike, knees under her armpits like a circus bear, gamely pedalling behind Skaterboy for all she's worth. The Bean wouldn't know what to do with herself, I don't think, if she wasn't ambling along beside me, swerving and braking and chatting like a little wind up thing. I sometimes wonder if she didn't figure out not riding alone on purpose.