Monday, July 2, 2007

Sulphur Springs

On really hot days, like some we had last week,

there is nothing else to do than

hop in the car, un-airconditioned as it is,

(don't forget the dog), and make our way out to our favorite hot - day spot,

the ever cool and lovely, Sulphur Springs. (It smells better than it sounds).

My digital camera wants only to use it's flash down in the creek, but the light is too beautiful to let it, so I compromise, and take mostly blurry photographs. It's in situations like this that I miss my dear old K1000.

Anyway, a perfect example of Ohio's largely unsung natural beauty, at Sulphur Springs we can walk down the creek bed

holding hands to avoid the oops it's slippery factor, amidst craggy rocks and gnarled evergreens,

and generally meander about in the delicious shade,

until we arrive at the waterfall and rock pool, where we can wade up to our bellies,

and really indulge in some serious small fry hunting.

Oh, Sulphur Springs, we've loved you for years, and last week we loved you no less.