Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Here's what's happening at my house this week (and next week, and the week after).
This is our upstairs bathroom, easily the nastiest room in our handyman special house, and poorly configured, so you could barely squeeze between the sink and toilet to get to the bathtub. Beyond that, it was just REALLY ugly. I never took baths, it was unsightly in there.

Dave is gutting it, and we have plans to make it, if not luxurious, then at least livable. Yesterday when we got home the kids and I could hear from the street the sound of something large being smashed, and today the bathtub looks like this....

The twins were so excited, at preschool today they announced during snacktime that their Dad was so strong....he could even break a bathtub! Ms Roberta looked at me with a raised eyebrow, so I had to explain that it was a deliberate breakage.
Thank goodness they didn't relay their other tidbit of new information - that your poop goes down a little pipe and (squeal and clutch hands)...out of your house and under the road!!! (Fall on the floor in horror and delight).

Maybe they're saving that for dinner at Grandmas.

And completely unrelated, Paulie riding in the car to go look at land with us near the kids school. He loved it, we didn't.


Anonymous said...

Oh that Paulie is tooo cute :) Can't understand why you wouldn't enjoy having him along!!

Did you find some nice land?

.....and in the meantime, where is everyone going to bathe???


Vanessa said...

We've been bathing at Grandmas, who really wishes we'd get our act together and start living in a real house.
The land turned out to be the watershed for the whole neighborhood, so, no.
And Paulie has to sit on my lap and smear the window with doggy snot all the way home, which is why he looks so pathetic - he's waiting for an invitation.