Wednesday, March 7, 2007

This and That

Here is my current wip. Dollies for the big kids school auction. They are laying on their bodies-to-be, thrifted cotton velour mens shirts. It's a lot of velour for $3.00, but the trade off is that I have to rely on the bounty and grace of the universe to bestow nice colors on me. These weren't what I was dreaming of - essentially red and green - but I am seeing them with some vintage floral dresses and long pointed hats and think they will work fine.

I stopped in at the aptly named Thriftique on my way home from market on Saturday, and scored these lovely goodies.
I know the green one is a pot holder, but I can't figure out what the little red dress might be for. I love them as a pair though.

This lovely hand smocked apron. The needle was even still in the hem.

Two beautiful brand spanking new vintage tea towels - both a really lovely butter yellow. I would like to hang them in my kitchen but can't possibly until everyone is mature enough to remember not to use them to wipe the dogs feet with. Actually, I 'm not certain I will ever be able to trust Dave on that one, so these might have to be my stashed delights, taken out every so often and stroked.

Detail from that one.

And this one. Ahhhhh...

Finally, a lambswool sweater for the little girls that I couldn't resist.

Plus two books, all for $8.50. Didn't I feel like the lucky one!

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