Sunday, March 25, 2007

What A Twelve Years It's Been!

Almost two weeks ago now (where have I been? The dratted flu got me..) my first born child turned twelve years old. As this is his last year of childhood I thought some commemorative photos were in order, and in seeking them out and posting them I was reminded about just how darn cute he was, and how incredibly quickly those years went by.

Here he is, just one day old, after his birth at home in our apartment in San Francisco.

Here he is at one, with those 'I'm just learning to walk and keep falling with my hands under me' scabs.

Now at five, with beautiful red gold curls that never grew back like that after I cut them.

At eight, a big brother again, and in the prime of his lovely and charming boyhood.

On his tenth birthday.

On his twelfth birthday, having given himself back that lovely hair I cut off all those years ago.

When I held him in my arms the day he was born, I did what all new parents must do - I searched his face for clues as to who he was, what he would bring, who he would grow up to be. And now, I am finding out, and he's everything I would want in a son - he's goofy and silly and loves practical jokes, he's sharp and bright and does well at school, he despises unfairness and injustice and rails against it, he is a gentle and kind big brother (to the littlest ones, anyway - he is human!), he plays the mandolin, skateboards like he was born on wheels, makes his own movies, stiltwalks and loves his new passion, Dungeons and Dragons.
Happy Birthday Skater Boy - you are the best!

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