Saturday, March 10, 2007

Redwork part 1

Little Belle and I suddenly found ourselves very interested in redwork embroidery. In our time we've knit, felted, crocheted, dyed wool and cloth, sewed dolls and bears and done patchwork, but we've only done a little embroidery. Then our interest was piqued by the beauty and simplicity of redwork, and although I love the idea, she is the one who demands that we actually do it. Persistence is a strong component of her personality, God love her.

Anyway, tonight she drew up a design, and we transferred it to cloth, and I showed her how to do a stem stitch, which I had to learn from the book first, and off she went. She made us each a cup of tea, and settled in under the lamp.

She'll be done in a day or two, while I am still thinking about it.

This child amazes me. She is an incredible artist, wise beyond her nine years, perceptive, gentle and kind. She also cannot, for the life of her, keep a chair on four legs, whether she is sitting on it or leaning against it. And when she is in a bad mood - look out.

Wonder where she got that from?

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