Friday, February 23, 2007

My First Crochet

Last night I talked to my mum in Australia for seven hours. Seven hours! I called her at 8:30pm and we finally hung up at 3:30am. We hadn't spoken for months, so it was long overdue. During that time the fire burned low and then went out, and children who had been lolling about keeping me company and waiting until I got off (hissing, "You've been on the phone for THREE HOURS") drifted away to bed or fell asleep on the carpet in front of the fire with their backs to the warm coals.

My mum took me on an amazing journey through India and Sri Lanka as she described to me her recent travels, in fact it was such a compelling journey that I got up this morning (late) and went online looking at airfares. It's not so expensive to take four kids to New Delhi. It's pretty reasonable, actually.

But what can you do for seven hours, into the wee hours of the morning, with your hands free and your mind adrift?

You could teach yourself to crochet, like I did, and you could start to crochet a string bag, and you could crochet with your phone tucked under your chin until you start to cramp up and get shooting pains down your shoulders, but you won't care because when you finally hang up and try to straighten your crooked self, you will have done this:

And then won't you feel clever?
Thanks mum, that was great.


Ma said...

The string bag looks great, good job :) I'm glad now I kept you up so late, look at what you got to learn.

Hmmm.....New Delhi, with the kids...hey I'm up for it......vbg

Jacqui said...

Hello *waves madly from the UK* how lovely to hear and see your family and what a wonderful blog! I feel as if I know you from 'talking' to your Mum already, so it's wonderful to finally 'meet' you all.

The crochet looks great, I see more where that came from but maybe without the neck cramps :o)