Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

We are all moved into the little house in the valley, and I can't believe how much I love it there. It's a quirky, beautiful town, too, which I haven't even begun to explore. But here is one fun thing I do know about it. There is a children's Christmas story called 'The Polar Express', and each year the Cuyahoga Valley Railway, which passes within 200 feet of our back door, hosts dozens of 'Polar Express' trains. I don't actually know what happens on the trains, (although I saw Santa on one of them) but I do know that the station we can see from the upstairs landing of our house is all decked out in Christmas lights, and that when the train makes its stop at the Peninsula depot, there are dozens of townsfolk waiting who are dressed like elves capering and cavorting around on the platform while hundreds of little faces are pressed against the windows of the train in awe. One night, (the same night I was outside and saw an elf hurrying past tying his apron on, come to think of it), I swear I saw Frosty the Snowman chase the departing train down the platform waving his arms wildly. It is a strange and beautiful thing, and leads me to believe that there is much to learn about my new home and its inhabitants.

Today is Thanksgiving, which means turkey at Grandmas, and which I would skivvy out of if I could. Nevertheless, giving thanks is always a good idea, and I am, overwhelmingly, thankful. For the obvious things, and for the intangibles too.
When I get the internet on at the new house, I will be thankful again.

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belle said...

Happy thanksgiving.

May your blessings be many :)

love Ma