Sunday, November 25, 2007

New House Happiness

Well it's been a happy first week in the new house, doing all those nesting new house things. Here is a picture of my kitchen, which I have to say, really does make it look a lot classier than it is. But never mind, I still like it. A lot.

This is the master bedroom from the living room. The house has dark floorboards and paneling in those two rooms, but I think the effect is a little bit refined actually as long as I am vigilant with the removal of dog hair, because it shows up in the sun something terrible. Like this morning I had to vacuum before I could enjoy my breakfast. But I bought a dear little vacuum and she does a bang up job, so I don't mind, yet.

Anyway, the house has all these different moods, which is interesting. The upstairs is carpeted and cozy, the girls bedroom is quite cottage-y with yellow walls and Skaterboy's bedroom has the unusual addition of a balcony which overlooks the kitchen. The kitchen is country-ish, and the living room and master bedroom are quite eighteen-hundreds dark wood.
So as you travel through the house it's like visiting different houses entirely, which I think contributes to the house seeming larger than it is. If it's not too boring I will take and post more pictures next time.

Here's what we woke up to yesterday morning - hurray! First snow. The twins dashed out to romp and play, and I took this pic. from our front porch. That church across the street tolls the hour all day long with a variety of catchy and melancholic tunes, which is quite fun.
They say a change is as good as a holiday, but I have a feeling that living in this little town might actually feel like being on perpetual holiday. Lovely!


belle said...

Yes please, definitely more pictures.....not boring at all.

belle said...

Hey! where's the blog update...slacker?