Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Day Here

Today I shopped for the school's Children's Festival to be held on Saturday. I had to go into one of those enormous craft stores, and after half an hour I was set to be scraped up off the floor. There were all these things on my list that I couldn't find so I walked around in circles hoping to chance upon them. When I finally asked for help, the man, who reminded me of a character in my favorite story, Gormenghast, led me to an area of the store I hadn't even realized existed. I'm sorry, but that is just too much store, and shouldn't be allowed.
Afterwards I sat in my favorite cafe and wrote, as is becoming my self-determined habit. It was lovely and soothing, but my writing was a bit crap. That book signing is getting further and further away.
Anyway, not to give too much away about my day tomorrow, but it does involve firemen and mouth to mouth resuscitation. Must have an early night.

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