Sunday, November 11, 2007

What We Chose

Since we decided to send the kids to the Waldorf School and reorient our lives to that end we have heard lots of opinions from our friends about the sense of that decision. Someone asked us why we would spend our personal capital on such a specific school choice when we have the highest rated elementary school in this district around the corner.

Of course choices you make for your family and the lives of your children are deeply personal and no-one else needs to really understand them. There are a few areas of our lives right now which are fluctuating, and being examined and questioned - big areas - but I don't think either of us doubts our decision to move and have the kids at the Waldorf School.

And on this gray Sunday afternoon - probably the last we will spend in this house as we are scheduled to move next weekend - I sit with my twelve year old while he struggles with his homework. The needles he made himself, and the wool yarn smells warm and sheepy. He's knitting a sock, and it's hard to sit still and do that when your inclination is to goof around, make absurd jokes and laugh uproariously at yourself and be distracted by every passing thing. Stitches are being dropped all over the place. There is a lot to the successful knitting of a sock.
But in a moment of distraction he shows me this. He is in it, and so is Moo, so look for them. The bearded male teacher is Skaterboys teacher, for those of you who care.

This pretty much sums up where and why we choose to spend our personal capital, and I couldn't be happier.

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