Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Things

Here is our newest family member, spotted at the pet shop by me when I ran in to get rabbit food for the other bunnies we already have, and 'rescued' the very next day. I don't like to support the pet shop industry in general, and we did try to adopt a bunny from the local House Rabbit Society, but the woman who runs it still hasn't found us our 'perfect' bunny, six months later. I'd like Belle to have her bunny as a child, thanks, and now she has him.
We do have two other bunnies who we adopted from the APL last year, but alas, they do not love us, and never will. They are, however, deeply devoted to eachother, and so we keep them as an act of general kindness and good pet karma.
This fellow I wanted at first sight, as he is my favorite variety, a Mini-Rex, with fur like velvet and a reputation for friendliness, and he is still a baby, only ten weeks old.
Anyway, Belle named him Cinnamon, he lives in her room in a hutch, and he gets let out a lot to run about and socialise. And he is living up to all our hopes. He is affectionate, licking our hands and hopping into our laps, and settling in for a good nose scratching, indicated by a nudge of your hand in the right direction.
We are all completely smitten, even big D.

Here is a new thing I was not sorry to see the departure of;
The facial hair D. grew to commemorate his renovating of the bathroom. And now that the bathroom is done, thank God, so is the facial hair.

And speaking of the bathroom, here it is getting the finishing touches. Please refer back for before pictures, or not, because it was really ugly, and best forgotten.

The new niche created for the lav. It gave us enough space to open the bathroom up and make it accessible, and to make the door open in, instead of out into the hall where it would knock over unwary passers-by.

Our friend made those nice little arches over the shower, and we installed a longtime dream of ours - two showerheads. Yesterday Cakes and I took a lovely shower together and no-one (read: me) had to stand out in the cold while the other groused about the lack of hot water. It felt the very heights of luxury.

And here's me, doing what I have been doing far too much of lately. Between house hunting, writing this blog, emailing, checking the weather, reading other peoples blogs and of course, shopping - not to mention a nasty dose of procrastination in general - this is where you can be sure to find me. Look at that scowl, and that poor deprived child in my lap.
I must make a real effort to mend my ways.

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Anonymous said...

Bathroom looks great, what an improvement!

Good work big D :)