Friday, April 6, 2007

Handwork, Bunnies, and Not the Easter I Ordered

If you're anything like me, at some point you have wondered how a day set aside to remember such an awful event as the crucifixion of a person who in a historical sense, even forgoing religion, was a great human being, could be somehow end up being called Good Friday.
Well, thanks to Wikipidia, I now understand that it is an evolving version of God's Friday, just as goodbye is a modern version of God be with you, and that many, mostly European cultures have similar names for this day. The Chinese though, bless them, call a spade a spade, and in China today is known as The Day of Jesus Crucifixion. Quite refreshing, really.
Anyway, at our house it is known as the day to make hot cross buns, which we did, and then we ate many many many. I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but just imagine lumpy, currant speckled blobs, not as high or light as you might wish, but surely enough crossed and glazed with sugar, and deeply appreciated by all takers, and you have a pretty good idea of what we ended up with.

This remarkable one evolved with the face of a duck. Too bad it wasn't the figure of Mary, which would have been much more fitting.

Belle knit all day long, and created little dresses and jackets for her Daisy rabbit. She was incredibly prolific, and actually created pieces which worked.

The twins were supposed to get these bunnies for Easter but my haphazardly stowed sewing basket tipped over and bunnies fell out at little girls feet, who immediately got dibs and dashed away clutching them. At first I was cross, as I had stayed up until three making these no-longer surprises, but the broken hearted, tear stained faces convinced me to apologize for having a little fit, and let them have them today after all. Truthfully, I could hardly wait to give them anyway, and it was well worth it. They promptly named them Clover and Miffy Rose, and then played all day.

Here they are in their reversible dresses. Yes one, that would be Clover, does have a big head. It's not the camera angle, it's me and my amateur pattern making skills. Thanks again to Lynn at Mollychicken.

And finally, this is not the Easter I ordered. We have had all that snow we were missing at Christmas, and saddest of sad, all the blossoming trees that were out - magnolias, cherries and lilac buds, are frost burnt. I don't know if they will recover, and up until a few days ago it was a really beautiful spring. Usually I don't let weather quirks bother me, but this hurts.

Well, snow or not, Spring is here, I know it is, and on Sunday we will celebrate accordingly. In some places, of course, it's the start of Autumn, and there folks will get a nice long weekend, and some may even drink a little too much.
But, however and whatever you celebrate - I hope you have a good one, and that the sun does come out, even if only for a moment.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, had to laugh at the spilt work basket, hastily nabbed bunnies flies on those girls. At least you didn't have to wait to know how much your 3 am stitching stint was appreciated.

I think Clover's big head only looks big compared to Miffy Rose.... they are both very sweet, good work.

A bit of nice knitting there too.


ps....where's the pics of the nearly renovated bathroom???