Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Ahhh, the trappings of Easter...

Forsythia and dyed eggs on the breakfast table,

Foil wrapped chocolate,

and the devouring thereof.

Our nature table with it's Spring arrangement.

Gazing out upon the day in thoughtful repose...

Or maybe just wondering if it will ever stop snowing.

And what's this? Oh dear, there's been a terrible accident. Don't look.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter :)

The snow on the trees looks so pretty, nice picture.

...... and what happened to the poor chick - looks like someone tried to eat it !!??? Surely not Paulie?

Love Ma

Vanessa said...

No, not Paulie. He 'fell' into J's orange juice. Poor little fellow.

Anonymous said...

hee hee hee !!

lyn said...

Oh no - poor little chick.
We had a box of chicks like these and silly Daddy sat on two or three of them - they looked just like this.
I've just found you sewmamasew, thank you for listing me as a favourite.
: )
Love your blog - I'm going to read it all through tomorrow.