Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where Have You Been? (why it's more than a week!)

That's a line from 'Now we are Six' by A.A. Milne, I think it's in a poem called Emmaline. We have a tape read by a fantastic British lady theatre star (I wish I knew her name), and I can hear her saying it in my head clear as anything. I looked for it on Amazon and couldn't find it there, but I will try to get her name from the library copy.

Anyway, I took a long break, in case you didn't notice, and while I was gone, Spring came...

Things got busy when the kids went back to school and I didn't have opportunities to take pictures I wanted to take, so I didn't post. Easy as that. But I was thinking about you all, I was.

We put a bid in on a house last week, but we were gazumped by another bidder. This house I had overlooked for three months because the land was not what I was dreaming of I finally aquiesed to because it was across the road from the kids school and because it was lovely inside.

The funny/not funny part is that the folks who outbid us are estranged once-friends moving back from another state where they have been for a couple of years. We put our bids in on the same day. What to think of that I do not know yet, but I do think it is worth contemplating.

So our house search continues, and I am dreaming of a slightly shabby but unaltered century farmhouse, not too big, on about two acres with some woods in back, a barn if possible and sun for flower, herb and veggie beds. Is that too much to ask? This is Ohio, for the love of Pete!

Speaking of Spring, this is how you can tell the days are finally getting warm here.

The squirrels start to drape themselves over gutters, garage roofs and branches. This one, who is a little mama and who comes every day for sunflower seeds, is draped over our deck rail. I wonder who's with the babies?

My latest crafting was inspired by this site,, and all my sewing, well almost all, has been related to the lovely items I spied there.
First I went and bought these flannel beauties which were $2/yard a Joanns, for wintery versions.

Then I bought feedsack and vintage reproduction cotton prints from one of my favorite fabric stores,, as well as sale rack grabs, and thrifted little t-shirts, and made some of these: (this is the Joanns fabric, the others to come)

They are pretty plain, but sweet, and simple to make - about half an hour with no mistakes. But now I have newer, bigger ideas, which involve embroidery and ruffles and maybe vintage lace pillowcase petticoats, so stay tuned. There are also smocks in the works.

Oh, I have so much more to tell, but it is 2:15 here so I must be off to bed.

Before I go though, I need to wish a happy belated birthday to a guy I have known his whole life, but haven't seen nearly enough of for most of it. He and I live on opposite sides of the planet, to my deep regret, because he is a kind, warm, funny and wise man who I am deeply fond of - and he's my little brother.

Here he is with the twins and Paulie this past Christmas in his swish new real winter jacket.

Happy 31st Birthday Lee!

(I will send you something, as soon as you send that electronic thingy you promised me....okay?)

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