Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Good Things

Just a few things I am currently happy about....
Belle's 9th birthday presents:
A satchel for school made with green corduroy and vintage bunny fabric liner, with my own applique from thrifted fabrics.

Daisy the bunny, inspired by and with all credit due to Molly Chicken.

She is made from a cashmere sweater and other thrifted fabrics. She has her handy-dandy satchel too, just like Belle.
And a hat and scarf, because it is after all, winter in Ohio.

Her dress is reversible...oh, now there, she came over all shy. Well, at least now we get to see her tail.

Other good things:
Earrings from my friend and favorite jewelry maker, Lise Anderson. I owe her a trade for these, but what, and when? All my earrings are her work. We seem to have a mutual admiration society going.

Buttons on a thrift shop sweater. I have been into big woolly cardie's this winter, and have accumulated a few I love. Like this most recent find.

The girls St. Valentines Day cards, made yesterday.

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