Friday, February 9, 2007

The joy of two

It's days like this, when you take to your bed at noon with a pounding head and a nose that's running like a tap, and you don't get up again for four and a half hours, that those five years of raising two babies at once really pays dividends. The Bean and Cakes played non stop while I was drooling into my pillow, with no fights or disagreements at all.
Well, they did come in once complaining that they were hungry, but I sent them down to the kitchen for yoghurt and dry cereal, and when Daddy came home for lunch he fed them properly.

They played happily again for a while and then had the consideration to both go to the bathroom at the same time. And in the upstairs bathroom, too. So I only had to stagger down the hall once to wipe them at the same time, before I went back to sleep and they went back to play.

Who says five year olds are self-centered? Not me, not today.

The house does look like a bomb hit it. Even the Bean commented on it this morning, and you know it's bad when she notices. Nonetheless, it was worth it, and I bless their little hearts.

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