Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ah, boy

It's been much too long between posts. I intended to post a video last week of the kids but my computer died and its a $200 fix. Yikes! I'm borrowing this one, but there's no pictures on it.

I feng-shui-ed my house a couple of weeks ago, on the porch, late at night, with a bottle of red wine close by. And if I'm not mistaken the place where I spend most of my time - that is, my bed - sets me up to experience 'six setbacks.' It could be worse, but its not great.
How resilient am I? This since March...
1. Broken heart
2. Dead car
3. Eviction (later rescinded)
4. Computer failure as I try to build a website for a business
5. Green card expiration

...and now my Mum, hurt and too far away. I'm loath to count that as my own personal setback but I feel set back by it, the distance that I'm already all too aware of amplified. If I did count it though...would I be done? Could I expect the rollicking uncertainty of this year to subside? Mum, would you mind?

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mummaren said...

Hello my friend,
Take care, you know 6 is better than 7 AND remember once you are down far enough the ONLY way is UP! :))
I want to blog so much I can't believe it has been two months since my last post. BUT my computer does not like my mountain and the internet is so frustratingly slow....never mind. Lee said you joined facebook, look for me at my address as I would love to add you to my friend list. xxxxxxx keep smiling xxxxx love me.