Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More From The House

Because my Mum said that more pictures wouldn't be boring. I love the way light loves this house. I thought it would be dark because of the panelling, but the sun slides in across the floor in the most soothing and sweet way.

Here is where I sleep. This room is at the front of the house, with lots of windows and those wooden shutters. One morning I woke up when it was still dark and thought I saw a UFO. When I got up to look more closely I realized that it was the morning star slipping in and out of clouds as it set.

On my kitchen window sill.

The happiest holiday thrift find to date. I love these three little carolers so much that I have forbidden the twins to play with them. Which means a lot, because traditionally at our house anything is fair game. But I have drawn the line at discovering these wrapped in washcloths in the play oven.


belle said...

Your house looks lovely, more pics would be nice too.

Maureen said...

Yes please.......lots more photos!
Lovely house with lots of interesting character.
And oh boy.your new town sounds like a child's dream of heaven with christmas trains and elves and other wondrous things.
Finally..a late happy birthday wish for the twins.