Friday, August 10, 2007


Before I disappeared for three weeks to school in New York and left the family to fend for itself, I had the pleasure of finishing Belle's (ahem) Christmas present. It was a little late, granted, and she did ride me for six months, but the dolly turned out lovely, and I'm glad the girl insisted I meet my obligations. She's not going to be asking for many more of these, I don't think.

The last week of summer vacation is almost upon us. Black raspberries are ripe at the ravine at the top of our street, and we have been indulging ourselves there, to the tune of aching tummies, stained clothing, and a dog with a thorn in his foot.

Nonetheless, it's beautiful up there in the summer twilight - lush, green and golden. And a perfect berry? There's nothing like it.

Another favorite summer destination, our friends house on Lake Erie.

Water, sun, happy dogs,

golden children,

corn and watermelon. A recipe for summer bliss.

As excited as some of us are about school starting, it would really be okay if these days never ended, too.

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belle said...

Is that dark haired little elf Ella ? What a doll!!

Cakes'long hair is just gorgeous...she looks so grown up... and Bean is such a winsome fairy :)